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Come in for level placement and consultation free of charge each Monday and Thursday from 14:00 h to 17:00 h without advance notification!

You can also apply to the Federal Office for reduced-cost or free course participation at these times. Level placement and consultation take place on our premises at Lange Str. 54 (2nd floor) in Stuttgart.

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1. German course with alphabetisation
(Angebot/Deutsch - English)
Course start date: see Schedule. The course is intended for people who are unable to read and write our alphabet. Duration: 12 months. 200- 300 hours for alphabetisation + 1,000 hours for German course, ...
Levels B2-1, B2-2, C1 The course is intended for participants with a good basic knowledge of German (at least 500 lessons). The course systematically repeats, reinforces and expands on the most important ...