About henke schulungen

Successful learning, integration and social advancement.

Non-profit educational institution

Based in the heart of Stuttgart

For participants of all ages and countries of origin

Individual initial consultation and level placement

Who we are

Integration and support since 2002

henke schulungen: an accredited non-profit educational institution based in Stuttgart. The institution pursues charitable goals, not economic goals.

Our goals: to promote education and the integration of emigrants, refugees and other immigrants with a broad range of educational courses, which, for example, enables the participants to pursue steady employment in the general labour market or to gain normal school qualification. This is achieved by means of intensive consulting and training, e.g. language courses, preparatory courses for receiving school qualifications and vocational orientation programmes. (according to the Articles of Association from 11/10/2002)

Managing Director: Simone Henke has had many years of experience with the successful execution of language courses, vocational training courses and school qualifications of various types and durations for immigrants of all age groups and countries of origin. Furthermore, she has conducted language tests for several hundred immigrants in the Stuttgart region over the past few years, providing them with consulting with respect to their further professional development and their future.

Profile: the training courses at henke schulungen are distinguished by an intensive, individual initial consultation and level placement, an especially goal-oriented, structured approach to teaching in a friendly, trusting atmosphere and an intensive consultation and supervision of the participants by the AWO, if necessary in the participant’s native language.

Simone Henke
Founder & Consultant

henke schulungen is Stuttgart‘s only educational institution with an AWO (social welfare organisation) contact point right in our building, meaning we can ensure comprehensive, speedy support for anyone who needs help – regardless of their origin, political or religious beliefs.

henke schulungen is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 for “supporting the integration of immigrants and refugees through a wide range of educational opportunities such as language courses, educational qualifications and tutoring.”

years of experience

different nations

courses annually

participants annually

Mission statement

Our focus is you

For us, customers and participants take top priority.

We treat all people in an attentive, polite and respectful way.
We do our best to be available and accessible at all times during business hours and to address the concerns of our customers as promptly as possible.
For us, our customers are not only participants of language courses; we regard them as people – with all their personal needs. If we happen to be unable to assist our customers in questions going beyond the language course, we find out who can and are happy to pass on any information.
We emphasize an inviting, open atmosphere for our work and on our premises.


Our range of services is tailored to the individual needs of our customers.

Our instruction services include training courses with a wide variety of contents, progressions and levels. We test, assess the level of and consult every interested person. We do our best to find the right training course for each of our customers and are open for flexible, unbureaucratic solutions. Our customers can expect reliability from us. Customers are also individually supervised and consulted during the training courses in order to achieve the best possible results.


We are committed, experienced and continue to learn.

Our pedagogical staff member all share a background of experience from instruction, adult education and work with immigrants. They have adequate qualifications and attend continuing education courses, training courses and seminars for continuous further development. They are committed and creative in their work, guaranteeing a diverse course range based on everyday concerns reflecting the interests and needs of our participants.


Our goal is to offer and to ensure quality.

We develop standards which enable us to offer continuous quality. We regularly monitor our work to enable our further development. We ask our customers for their opinion and are open for their suggestions, criticisms and wishes.


We differ from other providers.

As a non-profit organisation, profit is not a priority for us. We want our courses to be a sustainable success for our participants, not unconstructive course careers. Available state subsidies are not the determining factor, but rather the interests, needs and goals of our customers.
We stand for a collaborative cooperation with our clients in the interest of our participants.


More than just training.

Our instruction is not intended to merely provide professional training to the participants, but also discuss issues from their social environment which contribute to their social integration.
We remain available to the participants as contacts even when the training courses are over.

Free level placement, consultation and registration

every Monday & Thursday from
14:00 to 17:00 h right here at our premises

During these hours, you also have the opportunity to apply to the Federal Office for subsidised or free course participation. Level placement, consultation and registration take place at our premises at Fritz-Elsas-Straße 38 in Stuttgart.

henke schulungen Stuttgart

henke schulungen gGmbH

henke schulungen gGmbH
Fritz-Elsas-Straße 38
70174 Stuttgart
Phone: +49 711 3000 385
Fax: +49 711 3000 386
E-mail: info@henke-schulungen.de

Opening hours:
Mon: 08:00–18:30 h*
Tue: 08:00–18:30 h
Wed: 08:00–17:15 h
Thu: 08:00–18:30 h*
Fri: 08:00–17:15 h

* Free level placement, consultation and registration every Monday and Thursday
from 14:00–17:00 h (by appointment)

henke schulungen is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 for “supporting the integration of immigrants and refugees through a wide range of educational opportunities such as language courses, educational qualifications and tutoring.”

henke schulungen is officially certified to administer all exams offered by telc language tests.

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